Thursday, April 29

my mum is the BEST !!

phew... back to KLANG on 27th of april.. depart at 8 sth in the morning but reach at 4.30p.m.++.. soooooooooooooo tired~!

well.. wat i wan to say is.. i really miss the food here so so much! the foods in the camp eat until sien d.. evryday nt fish then chicken.. and everyday spicy chicken or fried fish.. hai.. once in the blue moon only gt pepper chicken or honey chicken.. T.T

so, after i came back.. the 1st thg i told my mum was : there are many foods i wan to eat..

*1) dim sum
*2) bak kut teh
3) steamboat
4) chicken / fish chop

*I ate already~!

i was so surprise tat my mum really take it serious.. she brings me all around to eat watever i wan to eat EVERYDAY!! wed i ate dim sum and today i ate bak kut teh.. haha.. so happy..

Thanks a lot to my mum.. MUM, u r the BEST!! ^^Y

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